What’s a small habit you’d like to introduce to your daily life?

We asked five different people about the small changes and habits they want to try this month and why. Here’s what they said:

1. Stephanie–Nightly Reading & Morning Smoothies



“I’ve been reading before I go to bed instead of looking at my phone — I fall asleep easier, wake up better & just killing book after book feels great. I’ve also been making a yummy healthy smoothie every morning — I’m not a breakfast person so it’s been amazing to get some good nutrients in me first thing in the morning to start my day on the right foot.”

Steph’s Go-To Smoothie: Vega One Chocolate Protein Powderwith a banana and a little coconut milk — easy, fast, yummy.

2. Kristi–Going to Bed On Time

“I want to go to bed on time every night. The benefit will be feeling better rested when I wake up in the morning thus leading to higher productivity and time for awesome things. It’s kind of connected to yoga…because I can make more time for yoga when I’m not too tired to get off my ass.”

Kristi’s Go-To Yoga App: The Cody App! She’s taken a few of their courses before but right now is really loving the free online studio classes. They’re a little more advanced which is perfect for her!


3. Rachel–No Screens Before Bed

“No screens for 1 hour before bed. I think it will help me relax before bed, and will allow me to sleep better. I am also hopeful that it will open up more time for reading, journaling, or music playing. To stick to it, I need to remember the benefits and see the results it has on my body and my sleep. I also love telling my friends about my goals so they can give me gentle nudges.”

Rachel’s Book Recommendation: “You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain” by Phoebe Robinson


4. Lizzy–Social Media Boundaries

“I’m trying to move away from casually checking social media throughout the day. I don’t mean to do it most of the time and it really gets in the way of my bigger picture goal of being more present in my work, in my relationships, and in my ‘me time.’ My first step in making this change is creating barriers around my Insta and FB apps. While I’m at work, my phone stays in my backpack. I also started using Space which reminds me to breathe every time I try to open one of those apps.”

Lizzy’s Go-To Tool: Space! It creates new icons for the apps you want more control over. When you click on those icons, before launching the app Space shows you this screen reminding you to breathe. This article explains more of how and why it works.

5. Samantha–Minutes of Mindfulness

“10 minutes of mindfulness every-ish morning. When my days are full of meetings and deadlines, dedicating a little time before it all begins to center myself makes a big difference. At least that’s the hope!”

Samantha’s Go-To Mindfulness App: Headspace! In fact, it’s the go-to app for Rachel and Lizzy too. But wait… what’s mindfulness you ask? This article explains the practice, the benefits, and other go-to apps.


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