Make Your Next Netflix Binge Work for You

We live in an era where our favorite shows are available on demand, any time, any where. So long as there is internet, there are shows that can (and must) be watched. It’s no wonder that 13-24 year-olds watch 8.8 hours per week of Netflix alone.

So what’s a millennial to do? Binge-watching can be a total “Time Suck,” but it doesn’t have to be. If we get creative, we can use it as the motivation we need to do something that’s good for us but less exciting like working out. Or it can make it easier to do things we really don’t want to do but have to, like laundry. 

TV Ready Workouts

1. Push-Up Commercial Break

Every commercial break is your chance to do as many push-ups as you can in that ~3 minute time frame. Try it with squats, burpees, jumping rope, sit ups, or any other movement you’d like to strengthen.

2. Burpee Mania

Pick any show you love to watch. Now pick a popular word or activity they do on that show. Pick words such as “yes” or “no” or an activity like walking or sitting or eating. Every time someone on the show says your keyword or does your chosen activity, get up and do 5 burpees! You may also do a burpee just using the plank position without your chest touching the ground. It’s still a highly effective movement.

3. Nothing But the Planks

You will literally plank as long as possible, as many times as possible, while you watch your favorite show. If your wrists fatigue but you still want to do more planks, simply drop down to your forearms, making sure your elbows are directly under your shoulders.

Like most other binge-worthy habits, quitting cold turkey can actually perpetuate the cycle. Here’s an idea we heard in therapy: Before you start your next binge-watching session, ask yourself why you’re watching.

Rather than going from one behavioral extreme to another, ask yourself why you’re watching before you start to create space to make another decision if you want to. It brings a moment of mindfulness into the situation, allowing you to make watching TV an intentional choice rather than one that’s haphazard. Some questions you can ask yourself before you watch are: Am I bored? Am I needing to destress after work? Am I really looking forward to watching this specific show?

And after checking in with yourself, you still decide to catch up on every season of Girls, cool. No judgment here. This way, you’ll have made the active choice and learned a little about yourself in the process.


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