8 Ways to Get Out of Your Head & Start Moving

It’s easy for exercising to feel like a chore when you’re focused on fitness goals. When those goals are stressing you out more than they’re building you up, it’s time to reclaim the fun of moving your body. Here are a few ideas:

1. Go on a hike

There’s a whole world waiting for you out there beyond your computer screen. Find it! Go for a hike to stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and workout without feeling like you’re actually working out. Check out Modern Hiker to find hiking trails in your area.

2. Take a group exercise class

Group exercise classes are great because you get so much more than a workout, you also get community, accountability, and motivation. Those additions make working out a lot more fun and feel a lot less like work. Whether you want to dance your way to an increased heart rate or jump around on a trampoline, there’s a group exercise class to fit your mood. Here are “20 Incredibly Fun Workout Classes.”

3. Go on a bike ride 

Going on a bike ride is the perfect form of movement for anyone who needs a change of scenery with a side of cardio. You don’t need to be a pro to get started. Find a local path and a place to rent a bike if you need one. 

4. Recruit a friend

If you’ve been working out solo, bring back the fun by finding a workout partner. Try these 35 Kick-Ass Partner Exercises.

5. Join a sports league

You don’t have to play for the big leagues to enjoy sports after high school. Join a neighborhood dodgeball team or sign up for softball with a group of coworkers. Keep it casual with a weekly game of Spikeball. Either way it’ll get you moving and maybe you’ll even make a new friend. Or five.

6. Explore the city you're in

Have you been meaning to check out a new neighborhood across town or spend a day museum-hopping? You could drive, or you could explore on foot instead and sneak your exercise in too. Map out your route in advance to know how many steps you’ll take or see where the day takes you.

7. Try something scary

What’s that one activity that always looks fun but totally scares you? Whether it’s indoor rock climbing, running a 5k, or doing a handstand hold, face the fear to get to the fun. You’ve got this.

8. Make it an experience

Add a fun activity on to your workout to maximize the fun. Make plans to grab lunch a beer with some friends after Crossfit or meet a friend for coffee after you run to her house.


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