Start Your Lunch Break Workout Routine

By Dodi Darrow

Lunch. It’s that precious time where we get to step away from wherever we work – our desks, cars, offices, coffee shops, classrooms, and labs – to refuel and recharge.

What do you do with those daily minutes of freedom?

If you've been trying to get into a morning workout routine but aren't an early riser, spend your mornings on kid duty, or can't fathom the thought of sweat before coffee, I have an idea. How about a lunch time workout instead?

Why should you USE yOUR LUNCH HOUR TO workout? 

There are a bunch of reasons that a lunch break workout could work for you. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Kiss the afternoon slump goodbye

You're familiar with the afternoon slump. You're also familiar with the boost of energy, focus, and creativity that you get after a good workout. By opting for a mid-day workout, you give yourself the best chance to fight against the slump.

2. Make eating "Al desko" productive

You sit when you eat. You sit when you work. Why not sit and eat while you work rather than sitting during your lunch break too? I've heard it's called eating "al desko!"

3. sweat Yourself into a better mood

A mid-day workout can give you the social interaction you need or allow you a space to sweat out your frustrations with your co-workers. Pick the right workout for you and you'll leave feeling uplifted and ready to get back to it.

P.S. You do need to eat, so please don't consider this a post that encourages working out and skipping lunch! Remember eating "al desko"?

How do you get rid of Excuses?

Disrupting your day to go out and get sweaty is worth it, but it's not easy. Make it easier by being prepared for every potential barrier and excuse.

Here are fives ideas for doing just that: 

1. Keep it Simple

Bring your shoes and a hair tie and go for a fast walk, a jog, or do some lunges and sprints while you listen to your favorite podcast or playlist. 

2. Make a plan for lunch

Bring your lunch from home or have a go-to grab and go healthy lunch to eat at your desk after you return from working out.

3. Find a Group Class

Many establishments offer lunch classes. Find out what’s close to you, sign up in advance, and add it to your calendar. MindBody and ClassPass are helpful resources for finding and booking classes according to location and time.

4. Know your no-Shower routine

Skip the shower in favor of some dry shampoo, deodorant, and a fresh shirt. You’re not gross, you’re fine! Here are some tips for Sweaty Hair Care.

5. Reward Yourself

Make a goal for the number of lunch time workouts you want to complete in a week and then reward yourself when once you do it! Extend that goal to a month and make it a habit.

Dodi Darrow is a mom of two, owner of Box Canyon Booties, and Do The Good Stuff's resident HIIT Queen. Check out her latest post "11 Workouts for Parents that are Fun for Kids"


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