6 Apps that Make Working Out At Home Easier


Working out at home may be easier logistically than leaving the house, but making it happen is another story. At home, we’re open to all kinds of excuses and distractions getting in the way of our workout. Fortunately, there are a lot of workout apps and subscriptions out there to keep us on track.

Here are a few that make working out from home a whole lot more possible:

1. Sworkit 

There are three main benefits to using Sworkit. First, you don’t need any equipment because all of the exercises use the resistance of your own body weight. Second, the workouts can be customized to your body, energy levels, or time constraints. Finally, there’s a free version to get you started.

Cost: The app is free to start. If you want more you can always upgrade to the paid version later.

2. Keelo 

Keelo offers HIIT workouts that you can do from home in less than 20 minutes. You can choose your experience level, pick from equipment or minimal gym equipment exercises, and make the most of every minute. Sync it to the iPhone Health app to track your progress.

Cost: The app is free to start, with the option to upgrade for more workouts or to an annual plan.

3. YogaGlo 

A monthly subscription to this streaming yoga class service gives you access to some of the most renowned yoga instructors. It’s a great option if you like to try different styles of yoga but can’t always make it to a studio. All you need is your yoga mat and internet access.

Cost: Start with a free trial and then it’s just $18 a month after, which is still cheaper than a single yoga class at many studios.

4. Daily Burn 

The number one benefit of monthly streaming service Daily Burn is that it’s not boring. You can choose from 600 different workouts like kettlebell workouts, a cardio sculpt program, or a dance party workout.

Cost: The first month is a free trial and then it’s only $14.95 a month after.

5. Nike + Training Club

This free app gives you the full experience, between playlists, pro athletes, and access to more than 100 different, quality workouts ranging from yoga to a full routine you can do with gym equipment. But with the celebrity power behind Nike, you won’t miss the gym at all because you can work out with all-stars like Simone Biles or Serena Williams right in your living room.

Cost: Free!

6. Aaptiv 

This audio-based app gives you everything you need for a great workout: A motivating trainer and a fantastic playlist to keep you moving. A monthly subscription is just $9.99 and gives you unlimited access to classes like running, cycling, elliptical, strength training, stair climbing, and more. Choose a trainer who fits your style and music that’s sure to keep the blood pumping.

Cost: Start with a free 7-day trial and pay $9.99 per month after that.


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