11 Workouts for Parents that are Fun for Kids

Kids. I love them to pieces, but sometimes they make it hard for me to do what I need to do. Luckily, my kiddos go to school. Yippee! But it’s summer and during the summer I see them almost all day every day.

All. Day. Every. Day.

This makes working out more complicated, so I've found some ways to make it less complicated by combining my workout with something fun for the kids.

1. Jump on a trampoline

This is our number one fun activity as a family. We don’t have our own, or even a jump place in our town, so we make it a priority on any family vacation or road trip. Jumping for an hour is so fun that you forget you’re working.

Plus, many trampoline parks have incorporated climbing walls and other ninja warrior type obstacles which are a great way to get your upper body in on the work.

2. Swim in the pool

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.40.05 PM.png

Take your kids to the pool and don't just sit on your hiney. Get in there and swim with them. Do some laps, play Sharks and Minnows, chase them in the water, or race each other. It can be so fun and the water provides a great workout!

3. Go to the Park

Next time you take your kids to the park get in on the fun by doubling up on the swing, finding equipment to balance on, or just trying to keep up with your kids. I dare ya! There are two main things I like to do at the park:

Make Up a Circuit 

Create a circuit using the play equipment at the park. For example, repeat this series of movements 8 times.

  •  5 dips on a bench
  • 10 step ups on a bench
  • 15 swing tuck-ins on the swings 
    • To do a swing tuck-in, get in plank position and place your shoes laces down into the swing. Tuck the swing to your chest and then go back to plank.

Run Around, Up, Then down 

Run around the perimeter of the park, run up the play structure, and down the slide (carefully!). Repeat that 10 times. 

4. Play tag

Most underestimated fun family game ever. We were on a road trip and stopped at a park with a tennis court recently. We decided to play tag as a family. One person was “it” and the rest of us ran like crazy! When we got tagged, someone had to crawl through our legs to unfreeze us. We laughed so hard. And it was an incredibly FUN workout! It gave us the energy we needed to finish our road trip without caffeine.

5. Play a pick up game

Wiffle ball, tennis, catch, basketball, frisbee, you name it! Any of these games can amount to great family time plus a good workout.

Are your kids too little for these games? The rest of this list is for you!

6. Sneak in a workout

Set a timer while they play or watch a show and do some burps, squats, push ups, or any other 3 movements as a workout for 10 minutes. It’s wonderful for your children to see you workout at home.

7. Do Cosmic Kids Yoga

Do Cosmic Yoga with your kids. Cosmic Yoga offers fantastic yoga videos that take your children on underwater, outer space, or wonderland adventures while incorporating yoga. 

8. Have a dance party

Create a playlist with fun kids songs like songs that tell them what to do like hokey pokey, YMCA, or Cha Cha Slide. Or, songs from their favorite movies like Moana, Trolls, or Sing.

9. Be an animal

Get on the floor and replicate animal movements. Crawl like a bear, move with your arms and legs like a monkey, jump like a frog, and run like a cheetah.

10. Play with bubbles

Get a bubble machine and chase bubbles. See how many you and your kids can pop. Make it into a fun game with lots of running, jumping, and playing! 

11. Play Hot Lava

We play the carpet is hot lava or cracks in the pavement games. This turns a day inside or a walk outside into an adventure!

Use your creative skills and plan some fun activities you and your kids can do together. I believe the families that play together build strong bonds. It is incredibly important for our kids to see us being active and enjoying it!

Dodi Darrow is a mom of two, owner of Box Canyon Booties, and Do The Good Stuff's resident HIIT Queen. Check out her latest post "What's the Deal with Burpees?"


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