9 Simple Self-Care Practices to Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

By Elizabeth Villa

For most of the year I’ve had my head buried in the busyness of work and life. Every once in awhile, I’ve picked my head up, turned to the person closest to me, and said, “I just don’t feel right.”

Then, I’ve put it right back and kept going.

Stress, drinking on weeknights, and my refusal to take any time for rest are just a few of the reasons I feel this way. I know this, but the thought of correcting all of my regular bad decisions is overwhelming.

The good news is that I don’t need to fix everything to start feeling a little better. I’ve been turning to a variety of simple self-care practices as I need them, and it really helps.

Here’s a list of simple self-care practices you can turn to when you need to feel a little better, too.

1. Journal

Stream of conscious journaling is a tool to get your thoughts, anxieties, ideas, and problems out of your head and onto paper. Try it by setting aside 5 minutes at the end of the day to write it all out.

2. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply a focused awareness on the present moment. Try it when you’re brushing your teeth, going for a run, or meditating.

3. Be Grateful

Developing an attitude of gratitude can help improve your satisfaction in life, and it comes with more benefits like increasing happiness and reducing depression. Try it by saying or writing down a few things you’re grateful for every day.

4. Color

Coloring in a coloring book is a great way to reduce anxiety and be present. Get an adult coloring book or two and try it out.

5. Say No

Take the power back by saying “no” to the behaviors, activities, and people making it hard for you to take care of yourself. Think about the negative self-talk you indulge, the Bumbling you do instead of Yoga, and the friend who is constantly unloading her stress on you.

6. Masturbate

Frequent masterbation has physical benefits like improving digestions and balancing hormones, but it also has psychological and emotional benefits like cultivating positive feelings about your body, AKA confidence.

7. Call a Friend

You don’t have to be in it alone. Call a friend to be heard, problem -solve what’s going on, or just experience the joy of spending time with someone who cares about you.

8. Get Outside

Our brains, mood, and more function better when we’re around greenery, wilderness, and fresh air instead of bustling city streets or inside staring at a screen or whatever else we’re doing for hours. Check out more benefits of going outside and ways to get more nature in your life.

9. Play

Take a note from Shonda Rhimes and say “yes” to less work and more play as a way to experience more joy. Incorporate play by playing with your children, dancing in the kitchen, or doing something for the fun of it.


The upgrade is finding a way to fit your favorite self-care practices into your daily routine. I’ve been struggling to master my morning routine, but I have one that mostly works. Read about it and get help starting your own with Do The Good Stuff on Facebook Messenger.

Elizabeth Villa is a 29-year-old entrepreneur living and working in Los Angeles. She recently started Do The Good Stuff, changed her marital status, and started a new life on her own. Her experiences and conversations have made her an advocate for pursuing health and wellness on your own terms as one way to claim your space in the world.