How To Find Health Professionals You Trust With WMN / WRK

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By Elizabeth Villa

Finding health professionals you trust isn’t easy. I know, I spent the past two years without a primary care physician because of it. After changing insurance and moving to a new city, finding a new doctor made its way onto my to do list, but finding a doctor I trusted as much as my last seemed impossible enough to keep it there for way too long.

After a few missed trips to the doctor I decided that an intimidating search shouldn’t keep me from getting the care I need, so I got my act together and got some help. I used WMN / WRK and their matching process to find a doctor in my area who took my insurance and had the WMN / WRK stamp of approval.

WMN / WRK is a directory of vetted legal, finance, and healthcare professionals. You can search the directory yourself or reach out to their Concierge Team to get matched with the professionals that are right for you.

Their directory includes health and wellness professionals like Aesthetic Medicine, Chiropractors, Doctors, General Practitioners, OBGYNs, Optometrists, Pediatricians, Reconstructive Surgery, Specialists, and Therapists.

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How To Find Health Professionals You Trust With WMN / WRK

Great news for everyone who is over swiping left and right to find matches (just me?), getting matches with WMN / WRK is pain-free and comes with a no-ghosting guarantee. Here’s how to do it:

First, reach out to the WMN / WRK Concierge Team by completing this survey to start the matching process. When you do, you’re not reaching out to just another bot. You’re actually reaching out to real humans who will review your submission and help you find the right resources!

In the survey, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information like what type of professional you are looking for and your zip code as well as non-confidential information that may help them pinpoint the right professionals.

After that, they match you with professionals in their network who 1) do exactly what you need help with and 2) are located closest to your zip code.


Starting the matching process is free, so there are no barriers to getting started. Once you submit your survey, the Concierge Team gets working to find your matches.

You get to go about your day while the Concierge Team makes magic happen in the background. I guess this is what it feels like to have people, right?

To see your matches and access the WMN / WRK directory, you need to have one of their annual subscription memberships.

Here’s what you need to know to pick the right one:

Basic DIY Search – $19.99/year

This option is for you if you prefer to do the searching yourself instead of taking advantage of the Concierge service. If you want to start here, you can always upgrade later if you need to.

Concierge Pro – $39.99/year

This option is for you if you want the Concierge Team to personally assist you with 3 matches per year. Plus, your personal Concierge will reach out to providers on your behalf.

Concierge Platinum – $54.99/year

This option for you if you want the Concierge Team to personally assist you with an unlimited number of matches each year. Your personal Concierge will reach out to all of the providers on your behalf which makes you a very important person.

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WMN / WRK was started by friend of DTGS, Sienna Babb, on the belief that with the right resources, women can do anything. Their growing directory is full of professionals who help individuals thrive. While it was started with women in mind, at WMN / WRK all are welcome. It’s this focus on access and information that makes us proud to recommend their services.


Take the first step by reaching out and starting the matching process. It’s free and, regardless of how you move forward, is an intentional step you can take to advocate for the resources you need to feel good and thrive.

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