9 Health Foods You Should Always Keep In Stock

By Do The Good Stuff Staff

Nicole Charky shares an insider's look into her fridge to help get you on the right path to establishing a healthy, sustainable dietary routine with 9 basic tips you should always keep in mind. Here are the main takeaways:


They rule. Create a dish that can last up to a week, personalize it by adding your own ingredients, and take advantage of the materials at your disposal. 


Lemons and limes are essential. Whether you’re dieting or looking to spice up your dishes, keep a diverse stock of flavorful citrus produce. 


Transparency is key—for so much. It can help clarify your options and identify foods and spices that can help promote and establish a healthy diet. 


Apples, strawberries… the list goes on and on. Always keep fruits on hand because these are special delicacies that can support a healthy diet. 


Hard boil them, scramble them, fry them. Most important: Don’t neglect your breakfast—and one way to avoid that is to keep a solid amount eggs in stock. This food item is as versatile as it is delicious.


Asparagus represents a healthy go-to item that’s great for your health. While the lifespan of the vegetable is relatively short, incorporating it into your diet can be invaluable. The same goes for veggies like kale and carrots. (But be sure to wash these types of produce ahead of time). 


Ham, steak… you name it. If you’re meat-free, more power to you. But keeping these items in stock can help spice up your daily meals while adding a simple boost of protein to your diet. 


Do you have a sweet tooth? Instead of hitting up the candy aisle, consider purchasing sugar-rich fruits like grapes to curb your cravings in a healthy manner. 


Dips like hummus are hugely versatile spreads that can be used to spice up anything from meats to veggies to bread.