These Cannabis Pens Naturally Support Sexual Wellness – Here's How

Photo by  Jan Zhukov  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jan Zhukov on Unsplash

By Nicole Charky

Your mood: You want pleasure. And the scientists at Dosist—they want that for you, too.

That’s because feeling good is actually good for your body and brain, and THC in Dosist pens arouse and passion are specifically designed to make you feel aroused naturally and enhance your sensuality.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Sex is healthy. And you want all the things for your body. It’s 2018, baby—and it’s cool to seek pleasure. Research shows that certain chemicals in cannabis can interact with our brain chemistry to improve how we feel and our sexual health.

There's a very real connection between cannabis and sex, according to a 1974 study published in The Journal of Sex Research. Cannabis, when it’s released in certain doses, can actually help enhance both men and women's sex lives. Yep. Cannabis does not discriminate, especially when it comes to sex.

A 2017 study shows that Americans are really into using cannabis and sex, and that "higher marijuana use was associated with increased coital frequency." Researchers studied how often a group of 28,176 women--average age was 29.9 years--and 22,943 men--average age was 29.5. They found cannabis use was associated with increased sexual activity in the group. People who were using cannabis were also generally more intimate, more often.

Cannabis is one scientifically-proven way to improve or enhance sex. Maybe you don't want to smoke a joint or hit a bong before you get busy. But you might feel a little anxious, or try turning up the volume on your sex life.

Sex can improve your overall health by lowering your blood pressure. Sex is good for you and your heart. It reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease, especially among men.  

Sex bonds you to your partner and creates another level of intimacy, makes your relationship fresh and cool. Its importance is equal to sleep, exercise and eating – the other important stuff.

Intimacy can help your brain chemistry and reduces your stress levels. But it's often been taboo in the past to talk about the connection between wellness and sexual health—people don’t always want to talk about how physical intimacy and sexual activity can change your brain chemistry. It can enhance it.

Sex is a form of intimacy with added health benefits, including increased bladder control for women and reduced risk of prostate cancer in men. And since we know there is a clear connection between brain and body, we also know that sometimes you might need a special boost. That's when cannabis comes in.  

So what does that sexy boost actually look like? It could be a Dosist pen.

With THC, you could have an even better, more heightened orgasm. Dosist has it down to a science with specifically tested, accurate doses that help release the right amount of THC you need to get busy, physically chill out, relax and stimulate your brain.

When you climax, brain chemicals like dopamine come rushing in at the moment of orgasm, then as the dopamine surge goes down the hormone oxytocin wants in. It’s known as the ”cuddle hormone” and gives you that same effect as when you’re cuddling in bed with your partner, giving you that same attachment you get post-orgasm, heavy-breathing, glowy (most likely sweaty) moment. It’s also natural pain relief.  

THC can mingle with dopamine and regulate the release of oxytocin by acting on the endocannabinoid receptors. That means you can potentially have a stronger orgasm and even more intimate experience.  

How many hits does it take to get to the center of the...

It’s discreet in size, but there’s a special way to use a Dosist pen.  

To get started, you inhale the medical cannabis oil vaporizer. There are two sizes, one has 200 doses per pen, the other has 50 doses per pen. With each inhale you will see a small light and feel a vibration— indicating that you've consumed one dose. It's a three-second straight inhaling interval, and each inhale is equal to one dose. You can also inhale for less than three seconds, but it won't guarantee you'll have the 2.25 mg dose.

It’s not amateur hour. The Dosist pen is designed to specifically help naturally enhance your excitement and relax your mind and body. It's a formula with a purpose.

Arouse helps ease some of that anxiety you might have around sexy time. Passion gives you that extra euphoric boost, enhancing the overall sensations of sex. Instead of feeling in your head, you can feel your body. You can go ahead and enjoy yourself.

... Is this thing working?

Everyone is different. Everyone experiences cannabis differently, so try these steps to see how you feel.

Since it's not a puffing situation, try inhaling slowly for three seconds. Dosist recommends trying your first dose then waiting about 15 minutes to see if it settles in your system. That's regardless of your experience with cannabis. Dosist also suggests limiting your intake to three doses per hour, giving your body the time you need to respond to the recommended dosage.

Arouse is a THC-forward formula that includes a ratio of 10:1 THC-to-CBD. The precise terpene blend features the terpenes linalool and farnesene that keep you feeling excited. There are no fillers–-just the good stuff. You get 50 to 200 doses (2.25mg per dose) in the pre-filled dose pen. It’s a precise and exact dose each time.

Dosist pens give you a high that feels predictable, so you know what you’re getting. This also goes for the passion formula, which gives you a ratio of 11:1 THC-to-CBD. This is driven by the terpene mycrene and blended with limonene, which gives you a euphoric vibe to help heighten your sexual experience.   

Check out Dosist arouse and passion pens, and learn more about them when we partner with Savoir Collab on Saturday, Aug. 11 to give you The Sex Talk You Never Had. Do you have questions about your body that you can’t ask your mom, dad, or health teacher? Kidding. But really. We know you have questions. So we’ll check in about it. It’s happening at Lunya in Santa Monica.