Why You Might Just Get It From Your Mama

Photo by  Camila Cordeiro  on  Unsplash

Moms who make five specific health choices are less likely to have children who are overweight, according to a new Harvard study published in BMJ. 


New research shows that healthy habits often start with mom and can help children reduce their risk of obesity, The Los Angeles Times reports. In many other studies on obesity, the subject is often the child. This study focuses on nurture, instead of nature, and goes beyond the child. The study is the first to demonstrate the connection between mothers and children following healthy lifestyles having a lowered risk of childhood obesity--by 82 percent. 


There are five healthy habits women can practice to help decrease risk, according to the study that tracked nearly 17,000 female nurses and their 24,289 kids. 


Maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, eat a nutritious diet, no cigarettes and moderate drinking. 

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