Let's Talk Tabú

Illustrated by Marcy Gooberman

Illustrated by Marcy Gooberman

As part of our brand new online course, The Sex Talk You Never Had, we're working hard to provide the resources you need to own your sexual health and pleasure. Why? Because you deserve to feel good dammit. Really good.

As we kick off the course we're excited to introduce you to our friends at tabú who are on a mission to destigmatize sexuality with content that's accurate, accessible and always approachable. We talked to founder and CEO, Mia Davis about tabu and why their mission is so important.

What is tabú?

tabú is a digital health platform that empowers you with the tools you need to navigate your sexual and relationship health.

Why did you feel compelled to start it?

The idea for tabú was born out of a conversation amongst friends about the unrealistic portrayal of sex in the media. Hot and steamy with no conversations or awkward moments? Yeah, pretty unreal. My passion to pursue the idea stemmed from my own experience with sexual trauma and dysfunction and the frustration I dealt with searching for useful and relevant information online. Our mission at tabú is to destigmatize conversations about sexuality with content that is accurate, accessible, and always approachable.

Why's it so important to talk about sex openly and get educated as adults?

Less than half of US states mandate that sex ed be medically accurate and 27 states require that abstinence be stressed [Guttmacher Institute]. This sets a dangerous precedent for our youth: 1) That actually learning about sex and relationship health is unimportant and 2) That it okay to be uninformed. When we perpetuate misinformation, we disempower people to make healthy choices and advocate for themselves. We also silence people when it comes to speaking up for their safety and pleasure (and health as it relates to talking with their doctors). It is so crucial to talk openly about sex and learn about our bodies so we can have fun, positive experiences that best reflect our values and desires. Knowledge + communication leads to boundless rewards in both the bedroom and in our relationships.

What are the top 5 resources readers love on your site?

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  5. Ask Gigi: My Clit is Too Sensitive

Join us and tabú for The Sex Talk You Never Had starting Monday, September 10th! Use the code TABU for $10 off when you sign up.