Millennial Women Are NOT Satisfied With Their Sex Lives

Young women are experiencing severe reproductive and sexual pain—and doctors are often unknowledgeable and ignorant of it, according to a recent study from Public Health England, BBC reports


Reproductive health is health. And according to the report, reproductive pain can cause debilitating effects for women — and ladies have no time for that. 


The new study examines 7,300 women in the UK over the age of 16, finding that sexual satisfaction does increase with age. Women ages 25-34 say they lacked an enjoyable sex life. Only 29% of women ages 55-64 said they were dissatisfied. 

The study finds that 42% of women are experiencing reproductive health problems, but less than half actually seek medical help. 


It's time to normalize the issue both for women personally and in the workplace. The stigma of needing to take work off for immense period pain needs to be a clear conversation in workplaces, PHE's Sue Mann argues. The UK study found it is a public health issue to address and is creating an action plan. 

In the meantime, talk to your doctor if you have any issues with irregular menstruation and pregnancy questions. 

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