Simple Exercises To Help You Chill TF Out

By Jessica Hamlin

In the words of Elle Woods: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

It may sound silly, but Elle was right.

If we are stressed, movement can help in a major way by boosting our brain’s “feel-good” chemicals.

Personal trainer Emily Cook Harris has two stress-busting 10-minute exercise flows, depending on what kind of stress you’re feeling.

The first flow is more mellow for when you don’t have the energy or capacity to go fast and need to go slow. The second flow is for those times when your mind is racing and you need something more intense.

Check-in With Yourself

Check-in with yourself first and then do the flow that feels best.

Trainer tip: If you’re not sure, start with the chill flow to drop into your body. You may find new energy and want to do the fierce flow after.

You may want to play some music to accompany your chill or fierce flow. Choose whatever tunes work for you that will help you feel better.

Chill Flow

“We sometimes think [exercise] has to be intense,” says Harris. “There are moments when that’s not the answer.”

This flow is for those “I just can’t” moments. Maybe you’re feeling anxious, like you could yell or cry.

Some tips from Harris on how to get the most out of your chill flow:

  • The purpose of this flow is to connect your breath to your movement and focus on SLOWING DOWN and reconnecting with yourself.
  • Regain your presence by moving with intention. Think calm, moving in sync with the inhale and exhale.
  • Re-align with that deep inner truth. You are here, in the now. Right where you should be. And you are gonna be OK.  

Chill Flow Moves (Lasts about 10 minutes, give or take, depending on your own pace and breathing)

Do 4-5 breaths or reps of each, movement depending. Complete flow one time.

  1. Child’s pose

  2. Cat, cow

  3. Bird, dog

  4. ½ Kneeling hip flexor stretch + arms OH (right side → left side)

  5. High plank

  6. Downward dog

  7. Repeat hip stretch R→ L (option to take it to a runner’s lunge or wide lizard pose)

  8. Repeat high plank (option to add a slow mountain climber)

  9. Repeat downward dog

  10. Seated roll down

  11. Glute bridges

  12. Lying windshield wipers (on back, knees bent @ 90 degrees → drop legs side to side)

  13. Shavasana

Fierce Flow

This is for “if I have a lot of thoughts and am in my head,” says Harris. Perhaps you’re over analyzing or having difficulty making a decision.

Get in touch with your fierceness with this little pep talk from Harris:

The purpose of this flow is to tap into your true undeniable power and strength. Sometimes we get trapped in our head or begin to doubt our abilities. One of the best ways to remember who the F we are is to challenge yourself with a fierce, full body flow. This is a guaranteed energizer. Get sweaty. Get strong. Dominate the movement and then go crush your day.

Fierce Flow Moves

Do each movement for 30 seconds or 45 for a challenge. Complete the entire flow twice.

  1. Inchworm to hip opener R & L
  2. Pushup to alternating T plank
  3. Alternating reverse lunge + squat jump
  4. Skaters
  5. Single leg deadlift + fwd kick RIGHT
  6. Single leg deadlift + fwd kick LEFT
  7. Plank ups
  8. Squat thrust
  9. Criss cross flutter kick
  10. 30 second rest… then repeat flow one more time!

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