What's the Deal with Vitamin D?

A new study found that women with recommended blood levels of Vitamin D might have a lower risk of getting colon cancer, NBC News reports

Why It Matters: 

It's been clear that Vitamin D keeps bones strong. People with a Vitamin D deficiency might actually increase a person's risk for cancer, according to new findings in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 


The study did find a relatively strong correlation between higher blood levels of vitamin D and lower risk of colorectal cancer in women, according to NPR. 

What To Do: 

You don't want to run out and take all the vitamin D. That might even give you kidney stones. Talk to your doctor and find out what is right for you. Since this study focuses on blood, it's unclear what the best recommendations might be. 

You can eat vitamin D-rich foods such as salmon, egg yolks, trout, swordfish, tuna and sardines. Cow's milk, soy milk, almond milk, some orange juices and some cereals also have vitamin D. 

What questions do you have about Vitamin D, cancer risks, and cancer prevention? Comment below and we'll keep the conversation going!

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