What's Your Body IQ?

We teamed up with What's In Your Box? to play a cheeky trivia game with comedians Anna Gillcrist and Ariana Basseri! In it we see how much we really know about our bodies as we cover topics like self breast exams, STD prevention, and communicating in the bedroom.

But why?

Sexual health is an important part of pursuing health on our own terms! The more we speak openly about it, the more informed and empowered we'll be. 

If you didn't catch it live, check it out below or send us a Facebook message and we'll send you all the questions and answers plus some bonus tips and recommendations!

Your Questions

Thanks to everyone who participated! We loved receiving your questions and hearing your stories. Here are some favorites:

1. Why do you think having an open conversation about female sexuality is important?

When we talk openly, we normalize the conversation, eliminate shame, and create space for each woman to know her body better and pursue her sexual health in the way that feels good to her

2. How are you really supposed to wash your vagina?

Douching? PH balancing? Scented? Non-scented? There are a lot of opinions about how we're supposed to clean our vaginas which can make us doubt if we're doing it right. Here's a fun article from Buzzfeed with tips. The bottom line though is to listen to our bodies. They'll tell us when there's a problem! 

3. What do you do about razor burn in your bikini area?

The struggle is real! This article from Refinery 29 shares sixteen tips for preventing razor burn. We also got a great tip during the broadcast about using bactine (available at most drug stores) to clean the bikini area after shaving or waxing.

The Good Stuff

What's In Your Box? shared a few of their favorite vagina-friendly products with us. 

1. Lovability and Sustain Condoms

Lovability and Sustain are two vagina-friendly condom brands which means their condoms are made without irritating chemicals and carcinogens. 

2. V Magic 

We talked about itchy skin down there. If that's something you're struggling with, What's In Your Box? recommends V Magic. We're told it's like "Burt's Bee's Wax for your vagina." 

What's In Your Box?

What's In Your Box? is a subscription service backed by a social movement for women's sexual health and satisfaction. They curate a monthly box with an assortment of vagina-friendly products, toys and information.