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Emily Cook harris

Emily is a seasoned fitness pro with 10 years of leading fun, engaging workouts for all levels. She is a PUMA Team Faster trainer, champion for education and gender equality, and has worked with top brands & individuals all around the world. She was named Hottest Trainer by Racked New York and is now based in sunny Los Angeles. As a passionate speaker and entrepreneur, Emily hopes to empower others to take risks for what they love and create the life they dream. Fitness is the foundation of it all.

Janie McGlasson.jpg

janie mcglasson, LMFT

Janie McGlasson is a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship specialist. She spends a lot of time helping stressed out teens, millennials in quarter-life-crises and couples needing some help in the communication department.

Dr. Shannon Chavez.jpg

Dr. Shannon Chavez

Dr. Shannon Chavez is a Licensed Psychologist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist specializing in the treatment of sexual disorders, sex education for conservative religious and cultural groups, and out of control behaviors surrounding love and sex. She is the Clinical Director of SHAPE (Sexual Health and Pleasure Enhancement) Center in Beverly Hills, California where she provides individual and couples therapy, sex and relationship coaching, and workshops on sexual health and wellness.

Dr. Michele Ross.jpg

dr. michele ross

Dr. Michele Ross is a leading psychedelic educator as well as fibromyalgia patient. She founded the first 501c3 nonprofit on cannabis for women’s health in 2013, and is now CEO of Infused Health, an online platform for cannabis health coaching. Dr. Ross is the author of two books including “Vitamin Weed: A 4-Step Plan to Prevent and Reverse Endocannabinoid Deficiency” and has a Doctorate in Neuroscience. Dr. Ross speaks around the world on using cannabis and magic mushrooms to beat pain, depression, and addiction. Fun fact: she was the first scientist to star on reality TV on CBS's hit reality tv show Big Brother.

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Dr. Lisa Valle.jpg

dr. lisa valle

Dr. Lisa Valle is a board certified obstetrician/gynecologist and has been in practice for over 13 years.  She is the founder and CEO of Oasis Women’s Sexual Function Center, an integrative gynecology practice in Santa Monica that solely focuses on caring for women with female sexual concerns.  Her emphasis focuses on: pelvic & vulvovaginal disorders, loss/decreased libido, arousal & orgasm disorders, and various sexual pain syndromes. She believes that every woman has the right to a fulfilling, pain-free and vibrant sex life. Dr. Valle has been featured as a medical expert on TLC, the Discovery Health channel, radio, and various online and print media.

Kat Mills.JPG

kat mills

Kat Mills is an artist, filmmaker, and yogini based in Los Angeles. For nearly twelve years, Kat has studied the various disciplines of yoga, meditation, non-dual philosophy, and most recently, tea ceremony. Greatly influenced by the traditional yogic and tantric arts, her work is centered around navigating the subtle body and chakra system, embodiment practices for deepening self-love and awareness, conscious relationship and communication, and establishing an intimate connection with nature and sacred feminine.

Emma Koenig.jpg

emma koenig

Emma Koenig is the creator of Fuck! I'm in My Twenties, a handwritten and illustrated tumblr which spawned a book and a guided journal published at Chronicle Books and a TV version developed at NBC. She was a cartoonist for The Times of London Sunday Times Magazine and has written for TV shows on ABC, YouTube Red, and Verizon go90. She has written articles for Glamour, Refinery29, Elite Daily, and more. Her popular blog How to Make Me Come has been viewed millions of times and has evolved into her new book Moan: Anonymous Essays on Female Orgasm, published by Grand Central Publishing.

Ramsay Brown.png

ramsay brown

Ramsay Brown is a NeuroTechnologist, Futurist Philosopher, and Escaped Circus Bear. At USC's Brain Architecture Center, Rams pioneered a Google Maps for the Brain. Now, he's CoFounder and Chief Operations Officer at, where he and his team are leading the edge of Persuasive AI and Behavioral Design. An emerging leader in Persuasive Technology & AI, Ramsay's work explores the intersection of brains, machines, and Human Flourishing. You can find his work, ideas, and copious fur on TIME Magazine, the BBC, 60 MinutesTechCrunchThe Guardian, and GQ.

sarah croce

Sarah Croce is a breath work and mediation facilitator currently residing in Venice, CA. She is a full-time teacher of Pilates and Yoga at Equinox in Santa Monica, as well as a birth doula.