How do i build healthy habits in 2019?

A Q&A with emily cook harris

  Photo by Bree McCool

Photo by Bree McCool

We’re partnering with Emily Cook Harris to ease into New Year’s Resolution season with a plan – a plan to build sustainable healthy habits in our daily and weekly routine that allow us to feel our best. We’re not talking about the latest trends, we’re talking about a solid foundation of positive change that uses the energy, clarity, and confidence that comes with the New Year to pursue our bigger life goals and dreams.

when: thursday, december 13th

where: the dtgs member platform


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WHAT'S IN A conversation?

1. homework

We’ve asked Emily to share some questions to get us thinking about the habits we want to start and sustain in our everyday lives.

2. q&A

Post your thoughts and questions on the Do The Good Stuff Slack any time before the chat. Emily will log on to answer questions and share her own tips!

3. takeaways

We’ll follow up with an easy-to-save article full of everything we learned during the chat. Plus, we’ve got a big announcement to share!


meet emily cook harris

Emily is a seasoned fitness pro with 10 years of leading fun, engaging workouts for all levels. She is a PUMA Team Faster trainer, champion for education and gender equality, and has worked with top brands & individuals all around the world. She was named Hottest Trainer by Racked New York and is now based in sunny Los Angeles. As a passionate speaker and entrepreneur, Emily hopes to empower others to take risks for what they love and create the life they dream. Fitness is the foundation of it all.