How do i deal with holiday stress?

A Q&A with janie mcglasson, mft

Photo by Bree McCool

Photo by Bree McCool

Join us and marriage and family therapist, Janie McGlasson, on the Do The Good Stuff community Slack for a conversation all about holiday stress and how to deal with it. Whether the stress you’re dealing with is financial, relational, or something else altogether, bring your stories and questions to this chat and get the tips and tools you need to take care of yourself this holiday season.

when: thursday, december 6th

where: the dtgs member platform


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WHAT'S IN A conversation?

1. homework

We’ve asked Janie to share some questions to get us thinking about holiday stress in our own lives. We’ll post a video from Janie at the beginning of the week.

2. q&A

Post your thoughts and questions on the Do The Good Stuff Slack at any time before the chat. Janie will log on to answer questions and share her own tips!

3. takeaways

We’ll follow up with an easy-to-save article full of everything we learned during the chat. Take the tips and recommendations with you into the holiday season!


meet janie mcglasson, mft

Janie McGlasson is a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship specialist. She spends a lot of time helping stressed out teens, millennials in quarter-life-crises and couples needing some help in the communication department.