how do i enhance my pleasure?

We were joined by Dr. Shannon Chavez who shared all the wisdom about enhancing our own pleasure. We always love chatting with Dr. Chavez because she shares everything we need to know about this important topic! She has great tips for solo pleasure, as well as finding new forms of pleasure with a partner.

Questions from The Community:

  • I find that I am not often focused on my own pleasure with a partner because I end up focusing more on giving them pleasure. What’s the deal?

    • Answer: I hear this often so it's not a surprise that it can be easier to focus on a partner's pleasure than your own. I recommend a few tips. First, make sure you know how to pleasure your body alone. Masturbation is the ideal way to get in touch with your pleasure. Focus on what feels good so it's easier to show your partner. Second, enjoy the process of giving pleasure as a form of pleasure. Make sure you balance that with the pleasure you are receiving. Sex consists of giving, receiving, and mutual pleasure. Be aware of the difference between the different types of pleasure you enjoy and notice when you start to feel distracted by one or the other.

  • As a single lady (woot woot), what are some ways I can enhance my pleasure when it’s just me, myself, and I in the bedroom?

    • Answer: Self-pleasure is the BEST and should be done on a regular basis despite relationship status. When it comes to pleasuring your own body, you want to explore and take your time. It's not about the orgasm. It's about unlocking your pleasure potential by exploring every part of your body. We are ONE big erogenous zone so explore pasts the genitals and breasts when it comes to self-pleasure. Start from your head to your toes and touch every part of your body. Experiment with different types of touch such as light caressing, up to more firm forms of touch and massage. Move your body when you touch it and BREATHE. Allow sexual energy to build up slowly and stay in arousal by breathing and regulating your body's response to stimulation.

  • Where do you recommend starting with sex toys?

    • Answer: For sex toys, I recommend starting with an external massager. You can use an external vibrator to massage all parts of the vulva and use it on the body like any other massager. The best brands include LELO, WEVibe, and Fun Factory. LELO also has a sister brand called Intimina that has lower price point devices that are medical grade silicone and function like many of the other devices.

  • What are aphrodisiacs? How do they work and how can we incorporate them to enhance our pleasure?

    • Answer: Aphrodisiacs are products that can enhance your sex drive. These products can include food, herbs, oils, and tonics that have known properties that boost sexual feelings and desire. I do believe there are products out there that can enhance mood that can lead to a desire for sex. Be aware of products with hefty claims at providing sexual miracles. It's not that easy! But there are products that can help engage the senses, relax the body, and stimulate hormones and chemicals in the body responsible for sexual feelings.