How do I use a menstrual cup?

Our conversation with Maryann from Lunette was full of empowering information about menstrual cups and how they impact our reproductive health.

Here were some highlights:

  • The Lunette Menstrual Cup is a reusable bell-shaped cup that gives you a comfortable, safe, odorless and eco-friendly period for up to 12 hours a day. Your Lunette Cup will last you several years, if properly taken care of.

  • Less spending: Ditch the regular dash to the store and protect your purse strings with the best reusable choice.

  • Healthier you: Lunette menstrual cups collect fluids rather than absorbing them, keeping your superior interior naturally lubricated and healthy.

  • Happier planet: No more endless purchases, plastics and packaging. Every period with your reusable Lunette menstrual cup is a winning vote for the environment.

  • More control: Unlike tampons, you never “run out” of Lunette. Like an invisible sidekick it runs around with you either in a handy, cute pouch or sitting comfortably inside you. Meaning you can say goodbye to the worry, the hassle, the leaks and just live your life.

Questions from the community:

  • I’m curious about how you manage cleaning menstrual cups at work or in public?

    • Answer: You can wear your cup for up to 12 hours, so hopefully you won't have to spend too much time emptying it in public places. When I have to empty my cup in public places I always bring my handy cup wipes! They're great for traveling and busy days! If you don't have the wipes: simply remove your cup, empty, wipe it with toilet paper and re-insert! You can even skip the wiping part and just reinsert it after emptying!

  • Can you give us some info on the basics like how often do you have to remove it each day (on average) and is it easy to learn to use?

    • Answer: They only need to be emptied 2 maybe 3 times a day (potentially more if your flow is really heavy). Menstrual cups hold your period blood instead of absorbing it. They’re non-drying and non-irritating to the vaginal tissue! *SAY GOODBYE TO PULLING OUT DRY TAMPONS* No strings attached; no one can see that you are on your periods and you don’t need to have that “pee string” or worry about a tampon string hanging out of your bathing suit!

  • Can I use the Lunette menstrual cup with an IUD?

    • Answer: Of course. If you do use an IUD, consult with your doctor about cutting the strings as short as possible and monitor their length regularly during periods. If the strings seem longer than normal, it might be a sign that your IUD has moved. Make sure that you remove your cup by pinching the bottom of the cup to release suction, and make sure to NOT just pull it out by the stem (it could dislodge your IUD).

  • Can I sleep or swim with the cup?

    • Answer: Of course you can! The cup is really easy to use when swimming since there are no strings attached. There's not much you can't do with a menstrual cup in...EXCEPT vaginal penetrative sex. Lunette Cup is great for oral sex on your period! But please remove the cup (and maybe throw a towel down) before having penetrative sex!

  • HELP! Why can’t get my menstrual cup inserted comfortably?

    • Answer: You may not be able to get the menstrual cup to fit right the first time, but with a bit of practice you will be able to insert the cup like an expert. Every body is different so if one fold doesn’t work well for you try another one! You also don’t need to wait for your period to start before you can try out your menstrual cup- it’s perfectly OK to do a “dry-run.”