The relationship real talk you’ve been waiting for

Saturday, november 3 | 11:00am - 3:00pm

We’re partnering with Savoir Collab to explore relationships from romance to roommates with help from the experts and walking away with guidelines for relationships that feel good.  

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Photo by Bree McCool

Photo by Bree McCool


session Details

Somatic experiencing

We’ll start the day learning about somatic experiencing, a practice that builds on the profound connection between mind and body.

Health in relationships

A panel about the ways our health journeys have influenced our relational journeys and versa.

Mind Games + Dating in the Digital Age

How do you take care while dating? Balance independence and longing, boundaries and vulnerability, standards and discovery while remaining true to your #1 (you)?

what’s a healthy relationship?

Details on how to develop your own rubric for healthy relationships based on trust, communication, boundaries, respect and more.

redefining self-care

Steps for creating the space for yourself in relationships – advocating for what you need in your relationships whether it’s with a new romantic partner or an old friend.


In addition to all the takeaway tools from the sessions, attendees of this event will receive a toolkit full of products thanks to our amazing event sponsors! Details coming soon. Here’s a peak at one from a past event!