We have implemented the following rules to ensure that user experiences on our Slack channel is always positive, productive and respectful.

SECTION A: Conduct

  1. Everyone must treat fellow commenters with respect and tolerance.

  2. We look forward to seeing how passionately you feel about different topics. One thing we require, however, is that comments remain constructive and on topic. This includes a strict rule of no thread-jacking or derailing the spirit and intent of the original post.

  3. Trolling, flaming and/or antagonizing channel administrators will not be tolerated.

  4. Help is always welcome! Feel free to help anyone who has a question.

  5. Some of your questions require feedback from colleagues from different units and divisions, so it could take some time before we can provide an answer. We will make a reasonable effort to get back to you within 2 to 3 business days or sooner.

  6. Please remember that there is no way to guarantee data security in a public network. As a result, please do not post any private contact or account-related information. We recommend that you keep confidential information such as login data and passwords private.

SECTION B: Content

The following posts do not belong on the Do The Good Stuff Slack Channel:

  1. Insults, verbal attacks or degrading statements.

  2. Statements that infringe laws, e.g. Encouraging or instructing others how to commit crimes, posts which are unsuitable for minors, posts which infringe personal rights, content which infringes copyright laws or data privacy of third parties.

  3. Incitement to hatred, racism, sexism or sexual harassment, homophobia, obscenity et al.

  4. Misinformation and/or fraudulent or misleading content.

  5. Commercial or private solicitations or offers for goods and services, or improper use as an advertisement for websites or services.

  6. Content which contains viruses, links to damaging websites or anything capable of hampering the performance of this Slack channel.

  7. Promotion of other websites, social media channels, fundraisers et al.

Do The Good Stuff is not responsible for user-generated content or for direct/indirect links to other websites. Do The Good Stuff reserves the right to adapt the contents of this page as it sees fit, in line with Do The Good Stuff’s terms of use and our Online Course agreement, and in the event of an infringement of these rules, to delete offending posts.