An online course for your sexual wellness

If you missed out on our latest event, or you just want to go deeper (ha!), this is the place to be. In this course we’ll walk you through exploring your own pleasure so you can learn what feels great or not so great (and why), and become an expert on your body. 
Engage with guided curriculum, supportive community and informative chats with experts on your own time and walk away from this course empowered with new language, ideas and tools to make you feel good. Really good.

Starts: September 10th

Ends: October 7th

Cost: $20


WHat We'll talk about

Week 1 – The Body Stuff

Explore the power of pleasure with tips from sex therapist Dr. Shannon Chavez.

Week 2 – The Mind Stuff

Start communicating your needs in the bedroom (or wherever you get it on!) with help from therapist Janie McGlasson.

Week 3 – The Inside Stuff

Learn how what’s going on inside of your body like hormones and infections affects your sexual health and pleasure with OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Valle.

Week 4 – The Outside Stuff

Yep, we won’t finish the course without talking about our favorite products for sexual health and pleasure.




We’ll send you all the weekly goodies in one email so you can easily see the week at a glance and reference all the resources at once. (We promise to keep your overloaded inbox in mind!) You’ll get articles, research, fun homework assignments, and plenty of content to read at your own pace.  


During the course we'll introduce you to real people who have real answers to your questions, and can refer you to resources so that you can keep learning on your own time. Dr. Shannon Chavez, Dr. Lisa Valle, and Janie McGlasson, LMFT are a few of the experts you’ll get a chance to chat with.


The best part about stepping up and saying “I don’t know about ______” is hearing a voice across the room say, “Me too – I thought I was the only one!” When you sign up, we invite you to a private Slack group where you’ll participate in the course alongside a community of people who are figuring it out right along with you.


Forever might be dramatic, but you will get all the downloadables, articles, and resources to keep in your toolbox long after you’ve finished the course. We want this to be an empowering experience – not just a teaser.


WHo we're partnering with

Consider tabú your sexual health sidekick. They're the sex ed you never knew you needed, but really, really should have had. Have a question about your body, relationship, sex or anything "taboo"? They've got you. Shame and stigma are so last century. 


Savoir Collab is an event series inspiring women to step into their greatness through storytelling and collaboration. They're the other half behind The Feel Good series of events. Mark November 3rd on your calendar for the next one!