Why We're Affiliates

Hey Friends!

Here at Do The Good Stuff, we're all about providing simple solutions that help you pursue health, wellness, and life on your own terms. One of our favorite ways to do that is by sharing what we call "The Good Stuff," AKA products we love. You'll find them in blog posts, podcast episodes, emails, and anywhere else we think they fit.

We recently joined a few affiliate programs to help us learn more about the products you're purchasing as well as keep this space free for you for as long as possible. Becoming an affiliate means that Do The Good Stuff may collect a share of sales from the links we share. 

Here come the shake weights & Snuggies

Don't worry, this isn't when we start shamelessly recommending shake weights and snuggies. I'll leave that to my adorable grandmother. (Hey Grandma!) 

As we start to incorporate affiliate links into our content, we want to be clear about a few things:

  1. We're committed to recommending the best products, whether we'll make money from them or not.
  2. We make money when you decide our recommendations are a fit for you.
  3. We get better at making recommendations when you share your post-purchase feedback.

Send me an email with any of your own recommendations, feedback from products you've tried, or questions you have about what we're up to.


Lizzy Villa
Founder, Do The Good Stuff